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Let's save the planet-One battery at a time.

Battery recycling is a chemical and emission intensive process that damages the environment and harms the people engaging with it. While recycling comes at the end of the life span of batteries, we have figured out a way to mitigate their early death and regenerate them  2-3 times for up to 90% of their original capacity. 


This utilises the material within the lead-acid battery to its full capacity and helps us save the environment and the earth from where the lead is mined. Lead-acid batteries are integral to battery back-up systems used in solar and wind farms, telecom towers and also used widely in cars, forklifts, banks and ATM systems. Since we are far from saying goodbye to Lead-acid batteries, why not make the most of them, one battery at a time.

Battery Regeneration can save carbon emissions! Regenerate first, then Recycle.


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"Man cannot solve his problems with the same mindset he had when he created them"


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Meet the Co-Founders

Diversity. Efficiency. Passion

We are entrepreneurs that believe our Planet is our next Project. We want to make sustainability profitable for our industries, and we want our technology to make an impact and support our communities with access to reliable sources of energy. We have joined hands and made a project that benefits the industries we have worked in and also makes an impact in the communities that support us.

With our experience reaching over 10+ years we have worked in Gaming, Gastronomy and Construction-and of course sustainable development. We now bring a revolutionary technology that will radically transform a carbon hungry industry-The Battery Industry.

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Ananta Vangmai

Founder, CEO

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Ilija Roglic


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John Iwueke


Meet our Team

We have an amazing team that supports us!

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