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The Future is Regeneration

Getting rid of your Lead-Acid batteries?

Give them to us

We will give them a second life


Lead acid batteries begin to under-perform after 3 years of use.

If your batteries are giving you 50% of their original charge capacity

-you can get them regenerated!

This is cheaper , you get better performance from your back-up system

and you will save TONS in carbon emissions

 if you recycled them!

Screenshot 2022-10-15 at 12.58.16.png

Our Technology

Assess → Analyse → Regenerate → Maintain


We don't just regenerate the batteries and leave.

We follow up with regular tri-monthly check ups to ensure the battery health is per our standards.

We install our BMS on your batteries to relay the information to us so we can give you regular reports.


What would last 1 year - now lasts 3 years.

And you save 15% on costs year on year!

Let's choose regeneration over recycling


Hauptstraße 151, 10827 Berlin, Germany

+49 176 343 74574

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